Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Humanity

We are KLASS. We preserve the world, preserve wildlife for future generations. We confluence efforts to save our fauna & flora.



  • With climate change and increasing international trade, endangered species keep declining while invasive species expand.

  • Biologists, businesses and governments waste too much time filtering out the massive wildlife data newly collected and classifying species by hand.

How ?

  • Through customizable dashboards and autonomous systems for biodiversity-dependent businesses, governments and labs.

  • We bridge the gap between AI and biodiversity studies through a win-win relationship.

  • We build a world in which each citizen, each researcher can efficiently and accurately analyze the environment thanks to our dashboard and embedded systems.

Where ?

  • We’re in Paris, Boston, Montreal (QC) and Roma.

  • But we step foot anywhere.

Kurious ?

  • We’re always happy to hear from outstanding and creative technologists - showcase

your talents at hi@klass.global

If you want to change the world with us, reach out hi@klass.global